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Winter Wonderland Market

Kinda bummed that this event also didn’t have any male items but I really liked a few of the items I got.

From 12-14-2020 / 01-15-2021 with 19 gifts: 6 free, 2 for 1L, 8 for 10L, and 3 for 25L. If you’d like to get every gift it’d cost 157L.


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Changes are coming!

I’ve been doing this massive advent project for 20 days now. It’s almost over, but I’ve had a lot of time to think of what I want to do and how on the 12+ hours daily I work on this.

I think I want to continue in the same vein. Going to shopping events and hunts. Collecting gifts and prizes. Then doing a picture gallery of the items so that my viewers can choose what to participate in.

With that in mind my next projects after the advent calendar are going to be.

* Shop & Hop Gifts

* Man Cave Gifts

I am also going to remove my previously published image blogs as I didn’t understand the formatting when publishing them so they are not sized well and taking up too much memory. I’ll repost them when I can after they’ve been edited but I want to ensure that my site is easy to navigate, use, and all that jazz.

If you’d like to see anything else from me in the future let me know below and happy hunting. ♡