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Big news coming to Kinky Fox Designs! It’s reverting back to it’s original purpose as a fashion blog. Don’t stress though, I’ll still be doing hunts and catalog gifts but they will be on a brand new site! Let me introduce CatablogSL.com! (It’s not up just yet but it’s almost ready to have it’s first […]


This wasn’t a blog I had planned on doing but it was requested! Enjoy! Deco(C)rate is 3000L after being released and contains 15 items for 200L per item. If you subscribe to the crate before it’s released it’s 1500L for 100L per item.

Whore Couture

There are 120 stores at this event but only 6 gifts (that I could find). So, I’d go if you want to buy things too but maybe not for the gifts unless you really like it. The venue is huge! 03.01.2021 / 03.31.2021 with 6 gifts. TELEPORT TO WHORE COUTURE